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If there was capacity for only 3 statements about this platform, what would they be?


  • We show differences between losers & business badasses so you end up being one of the few badasses out there who are dominating the game of business
  • BusinessIrony is the only business magazine that combines irony and sarcasm with valuable knowledge within every single article
  •  We stand for authentic, entertaining education, period

> In the end, it’s not about us, it’s about you and your journey to become a business badass instead of ending up being a loser crying about why others are killin’ it while you’re still underperforming as an average failure. Is that too much to say? If it is, then you better leave now. But if it sounds fair, then welcome to the game…

That is all you need to know. If you want to find out more, you are welcome to continue reading right below…

This platform is an infotainment magazine which is primarily based on the following areas:

  1. Essential business & social skills
  2. Communication skills & manipulation
  3. Performance psychology
  4. Persuasion & negotiation

The concept behind…

Since most people spend their time on establishing themselves in their specific fields, they hardly have the capacity to get into other areas that are substantial in business.

Now what the hell should that even mean? 

Well, it’s simple. If you are not an outstanding or at least a good investment banker then you should probably not teach anything about Corporate Finance or Investment Management. If you have no idea about stakeholder/- or risk management, then giving advice about project management doesn’t seem like the best option for now.

>> Every person and every business excels in something and that’s where credibility originates. 

When it comes to the field of essential business skills and insider knowledge, BusinessIrony will provide the solution that you require for your business and yourself.

There is something special about this magazine..find out in the following paragraph…

What’s the difference with BusinessIrony.com ? Why should I read it? What’s unique?

“The best practice to achieve optimum improvement is by combining the power of entertainment & passion with the essentials of business & actual knowledge. This is where our platform excels. So enjoy the magazine and become a badass in business”

Innovative post structure

The articles you are about to read consist of two main parts:

  • Part one:

The first part of the article is primarily meant to be ironic and sarcastic. This will include detailed worst case scenarios, “dont’s” and way more enjoyable examples that you better not take too serious. (Up to You) That kind of structure makes the article way more interesting and simply adds an entertaining component to the information that is provided in part two…

*Note: The ironic section of the article (part one) is usually marked with an “Irony ahead” note at the very beginning. At the end you’ll find the “Irony done” note.

  • Part two

Part two is what’s considered to be the main part of the article. It is designed to provide as much valuable content as possible. All of the substantial concepts are about to be explained within this second part of the article. That is everything you need to know for now. So go ahead, read the last three lines and start to make a change…not just for your business, but also for yourself.

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