3 Characteristics of the most powerful people – time, serenity & decisions

Irony ahead  *Irony ahead  *Irony ahead  *Irony ahead  *Irony ahead  *Irony ahead  *Irony ahead 

So you want to act like the most powerful people in the world, like a true leader or a top excecutive? It’s easier than you think.

Decision making is not for you

Don’t get involved into challenges that require any kind of decision making. If you mistakenly happen to be in a position of making a decision, then better find another idiot to make the decision for you. True power comes from being able to find a nice way of outsourcing your own bullshit to people who are dumb enough to do this work for you.

And let’s be honest, isn’t it way more convenient to have another asshole to blame things for if anything goes wrong? That’s what all powerful people have in common, they are convenient and don’t care about personal growth or pushing their limits to further levels.

Some people might say that it’s bad if other people make the decisions for you because you have less influence about the outcome and less power. What a joke. Why should you act result or growth-oriented if you can act “I rather save my own ass, bitch” oriented?

Taking responsibility for yourself isn’t for you and has nothing to do with power. It’s rather for the naive ones who are after sustainable success and authentic power giving them indepenence and strength in every situation and that’s nothing you’re after right?

Move fast, move a lot

Every lack of comepetence can be masked by increasing your body movements. Fast and hectic arm movements express focus and capability. And let’s be honest, these human vibrators are so much fun to be around. They talk and you can’t really decide whether to listen, to stare or to punch them in the face. But being a little provocative is good in business anyway.

*Irony done  *Irony done  *Irony done  *Irony done  *Irony done  *Irony done *Irony done  *Irony done

Characteristics of the most powerful people
1. The most powerful people are in charge of time

What is the most valuable resource we all share up to a certain degree? It is time. Why? Time is limited for every single human being, that’s what we all have in common no matter if we’re rich, poor, black,white or purple. A person who is in charge of the most valuable resource is pretty powerful. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The most powerful people are often the most skilled ones when it comes to managing their own, and even other people’s time.

You better educate yourself in the field of time management and learn how to manage your time wisely. Keep in mind: if you’re not able to manage your time, others, who know more about time management than you do, will take care of you. This is a bad position to be in, having other people controlling and managing your most valuable resource. You probably don’t want this to happen to your finances either, so why should you risk anything regarding to your time management. The most powerful people on this planet are way ahead of their competition when it comes to their time management.

  • They get shit done half the time others need for the same tasks.
  • They are the ones who schedule appointments and set up agendas for others
  • They steer how long a conversation lasts and when it ends

Who do you want to be? Do you want to be a pawn in the hands of the powerful? Or do you want to be a powerful person yourself? We assume the latter aspect seems to be more attractive, so start being the one who is in charge of the time, manage it wisely and steer your conversations by controlling the time aspect.

2. True leaders are calm & clear in their communication

If you take a closer look at the body language of the most powerful people, you will notice that their body movements back up their verbal communication. What? Their movements align with the words they say. They wouldn’t move more than necessary, that way, they massively increase relevance of the spoken word and their presence. Besides that, you would also notice that powerful people act quite calm when talking and moving. Why? A certain degree of calmness and serenity expresses confidence and the ability to comfortably fit into any surrounding. It’s a combination of serenity, calmness and still a high degree of certainty.

Your body movements should be efficient, limited to a minimum and perfectly timed. This is the way to reach badass level in natural authority and dominance. In this case, we like to give a little doggy example: If you compare the behaviour of small, tiny dogs to the behaviour of huge dogs, you clearly notice a difference between the two. Small dogs tend to be more active, louder and hectical.

Whereas huge dogs often seem to be quite calm and less active unless they really have to innervate their resources.dogs

Why is that? When it comes to a fight, smaller dogs are probably weaker, having less natural authority to come up with, because they are smaller and lighter. So they have to find another strategy in order to be perceived as a dominant player. As a compensation they increase their activity level, start barking, etc. In the end, they hopefully avoid the actual fight, as you know, barking dogs seldom bite.

So what? The ultimate goal should go in the direction of becoming a huge dog, having natural authority right away. No barking, no bullshit.

There is no need to be the loudest in the room, as long as you are the most relevant one.

3. The most powerful people are great decision makers

First of all, it doesn’t matter whether a decision is good or bad. Why? To be able to evaluate any decision, someone obviously has to make the decision. In best case, it should be you, it is a substantial aspect of being powerful and dominant. Powerful people are willing to take initiative because they know it’s the way to be in charge and control. They will do the things losers won’t do. Therefore, they enjoy a position of power, losers will never have.

The willingness to make a decision is the foundation of making a good, profitable and valuable decision. You probably start out making ‘bad’ decisions first, which is essential to get to a point of making great decisions, that’s just nature of the game. So take the challenge, get off your covenient ass and take initiative.

Seriously, move your ass now.

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